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As part of a team with adults, children of any age can participate, our rooms are family friendly and there will be elements that children can join in with. For children only groups a non paying adult may be asked to attend in the room to supervise, this is for both safety and insurance purposes. 

Check out our “Contact Us” page for parking info. We have a car port big enough for two cars at the rear of the building and parking around the front of the building however its important to know there is a width restriction to get to the front of the building. Please do not park in Aldi car park, or along lower Southend road before 6pm

With Keylock games you only play with who you book with, we won’t pair you with any strangers, it will be up to whom you book with to help with your escape.

We always advise to get to us about 5-10 minutes before your booking time. There will be a quick brief giving you some safety information and guidance, then we’ll let you know your objective. After that you will have up to 60 minutes to complete your objective in the room, and if successful or not, we often have a quick chat at the end. This means that from start to finish the experience will last about 80-90 minutes total.

We think its always best to arrive about 5-10 minutes before your booking time, this gives us and you enough time to settle in and listen to our short safety brief.

Difficulty is a hard thing to judge, we believe our rooms are achievable by any group. If you are keen on solving puzzles, nosey and great at communication and working as a team, then you will find them easier. Of course, if you need help along the way, you can have unlimited clues from our dedicated games masters.

We are located at 14-16 The Broadway Wickford SS117AA, you can find us opposite Jade’s Palace, behind the trophy shop, there is a private road that will bring you directly to our building.

You are more than welcome to come and play as long as you feel comfortable doing so, there aren’t any elements that would hinder your experience that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate, so if you’re unsure please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07852333665.

Great news “Clue Did It” is located on the ground floor with a ramp access to the building, the room is quite spacious with a corridor measuring 71cm being the narrowest point. If you are in doubt or would like to come and view the room to see if this would be appropriate to your needs please feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing or video call.

In most instances we can adjust many aspects in our games to accommodate the needs of our customers, if you feel you have a disability that may affect your experience, why not get in touch on 07852333665 and we can answer any questions you may have

Of course! Your booking is private so you have up to the maximum capacity of the room to fill if you want/need.

We take cash, and all major card payments including American Express, Google pay and Apple pay. Our payment systems are secure and contactless.

The best thing to do if you think you are going to be late is to call us right away to let us know on 07852333665. Due to the nature of escape rooms if there is another booking after your allocated time slot, we may have to shorten your experience dependant on how late you arrive. We will do our best to accommodate or reschedule, however in the instance of you arriving 15 minutes after your booking, it may be cancelled without refund.

Unfortunately, all sales are final and refunds for people who do not show will not be given.

No. In Fact we think escape rooms are perfect for all ages, especially Adults. We will do our best to cater for groups of kids (a little extra help if needed) Escape rooms are for everyone, young old or somewhere in between.

No! Our escape rooms are family friendly and do not contain scary elements.

Its important to us that come feeling comfortable and ready for an adventure, if that means getting dressed up in fancy dress and showing us your best 1920’s attire, that’s great! Or maybe you’re rocking three-day old jeans and your most comfy t-shirt, that’s also okay with us too!

Yes! These are available for purchase on the booking page of this site, they are valid for a year and you can even send them as gifts to your loved ones!

There is nothing in our games that requires any kind of brute force or strength, we aim to make our games as accessible as possible. If you have any worries about your participation in the room, give us a call on 07852333665 and we will be happy to discuss it further with you.

No! You will not be locked in any space in any of our rooms without quick access to an exit in an emergency. If you have an extreme form of claustrophobia, you can also arrange to come and visit the rooms before your visit, we have found this often helps put people’s minds at ease.

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Please feel free to call us 07852333665, alternatively if talking to a person over the phone gives you anxiety, check out the WhatsApp messenger button in the corner